Magic Bullet #6 Hitting the Streets

Magic Bullet #6 (Washington, D.C.'s free comics newspaper, published by D.C. Conspiracy) went to print last Tuesday. Big thanks to Joe Carabeo who picked up all 5,000 direct from the printer in Maryland last Wednesday.

Joe commented, "who needs to be able to see behind them when they drive?" As you can see, the vehicle was loaded with bullets, Magic Bullet that is.

Currently the newspaper has been distributed with good coverage in Virginia. There will be more locations to come. I plan on meeting up with a bunch of folks at Asbury Park Comic Con in New Jersey (March 30) and they will help distribute at MoCCA Arts Festival in New York (April 6-7) and at more locations up north. A handful of Magic Bullet #6 contributors will be attending SPACE in Columbus, Ohio (April 13-14) and they plan to bring the issue there.

Don't forget, on Free Comic Book Day (May 4) we will be scattered at nine different locations in three states, plus the District of Columbia. This will be our big day everyone attending the event can meet in-person.

You can see the complete listing of where you can pick up a free issue of Magic Bullet #6 at the bottom right column of this page.

We are urging people to send photos or Instagram images of Magic Bullet #6 found in its natural habitat. Here are a few examples:

Our contributors will be hitting the streets hard to make it more widely distributed. If you are a shop owner or venue and want Magic Bullet #6 in your store, please reach out to us. It doesn't cost a thing to help distribute Magic Bullet #6.