Editorial Team

Andrew Cohen - Editor
Andrew Cohen is a comic booker in Washington, DC.  In addition to his self-published comics, such as "Howzit Funnies" and "Dr. W," he has also created comics for The Washington Bach Consort and the Washington Mandarin Oriental Hotel. His book "Surrealia: Chapter One," with Billy Lopez, appeared in Mount Hope, the literary journal of Roger Williams University, and his comic for the Harvey Award nominated "District Comics" was featured in the Washington City Paper.

Bizhan Khodabandeh - Production
Bizhan Khodabandeh is a visual communicator who moves freely across the professional boundaries as designer, illustrator, artist and activist. His attraction to comics started as way to marry his interests in comics, history and socio-political theory with his first book, an adaptation of Samad Behrangi's "The LIttle Black Fish." He has since played around with different genre's of the comics medium such as: comic strips, infinite canvas comics, 24 hour comics, public service comics, single page narratives, etc. 

Art Hondros - Advertising
Art Hondros has been cartooning non continuously since age five. He was disciplined for this activity in both high school and the US Navy. "Fox Guy," his bio piece about animal rights activist Walt Rave, appeared as a seven-page section in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. He is currently collaborating with Scott Mills on a graphic novel about Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. He also hopes to complete a work about the injustices of the beer distribution industry. He prefers sourdough bread if it is available.