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Here's what the comics blog Panel Patter has to say about Magic Bullet #5:

I couldn't think of a better way to open the SPX Spotlight this year than with the Magic Bullet anthology.  It's hard to imagine an SPX without a relatively new edition of this free tabloid anthology that really sets the bar for how to do a collection of comics designed for a wider audience than just traditional mini-comics fans.
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Yes, Magic Bullet #5 hits the streets of D.C. this Saturday, July 28! Big Planet Comics in College Park, Md., and Vienna, Va., will be the first places to have copies, and then our distro will spread like kudzu!
Below is a sample from Joe Sutliff's story in this issue!


The cover of 'Magic Bullet' #5

Feast your eyes on this Anthony Dihle cover for the upcoming Magic Bullet #5, scheduled to hit the streets July 30!


Magic Bullet # 5, Kickstarter campaign

Hey everyone, we have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for MAGIC BULLET # 5! There's tons of great rewards to pick up, including comics, shirts, commissioned sketches and original art, so please check out the site and pledge some support. We appreciate every bit! MAGIC BULLET #5, Kickstarter


Hey, West Coasters!

Magic Bullet is starting to hit the West Coast! It's currently available at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles and in about a week it should arrive at Isotope in San Francisco!


Got your copy?

Have you nabbed your FREE copy of Magic Bullet #4 yet? If not, check the ever-increasing list on the right of where you can get it! In the meantime, your missin' some great comics, like this one by RM Rhodes and Evan Keeling:


On the streets!

Magic Bullet #4 is already at selected shops and stores in the greater D.C. area! Look at the right side for the ever-increasing list of places where you can grab a free copy!

And here's a sample from my cartoon in the newspaper called "The Roaches."


Hitting the streets on Feb. 18!

Hey, folks!

Magic Bullet #4 will begin hitting the streets of he D.C. metro area tomorrow, Feb. 18! The first place you'll be able to pick up a free copy is Big Planet Comics in Vienna, Va. Speaking of Big Planet Comics, the store is graciously hosting an MB4 release party on March 3 from noon to 3 p.m. More than a dozen contributors from this issue will be there, and they'll have some of their own self-published comics for sale! Plus...BBQ! You simply can't miss this!

Below is a sample panel from a comic in the new issue by local cartoonist William "Bill" Brown!


Magic Bullet #4 - Cover

The last thing I did before giving over MAGIC BULLET editorialship to Matt was to declare that I got to draw the cover to issue #4. Here it is:

Click for larger!

Magic Bullet Issue #4 to be Released March 2012!

Magic Bullet #01
Magic Bullet #02
Magic Bullet #03

Magic Bullet is currently working hard to create it's 4th amazing issue of underground comix.

Are you ready to have your mind blown... again?

The official launch will be March 2012 and, if you're lucky, you may be able to score a free copy at various locations around the Washington D.C. area.

However, the best way to make sure you are guaranteed a copy is to sign up for a subscription (at a very reasonable rate) and the DC Conspiracy will mail a copy hot off the press right to your door. (Details coming soon)


Load the gun!

Magic Bullet #4 is on the horizon! Look for it in the D.C. area this spring!