Magic Bullet 15 - Table of Contents

The table of contents for the new issue! There's over 35 different creative teams in this new issue, in a wide variety of styles and stories.

Ursula Minervini  
Ian Sampson  
Vanessa Bettencourt Art  
John Kinhart 
Annamaria Ward  
Santiago Casares  
Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo
Greg Halyako
Eric Gordon
Aaron Norhanian 
Paul Zdepski
Michael Brace
Maria Sweeney
Mary Knott and Isbert Beppi 
Adam Griffiths
Carl Yonder 
Steve Artley
Evan Keeling and Matt Rhodes
Andrew Cohen
Art Hondros 
Jason Axtell 
Chris Artiga-Oliver 
Wally Czyniak and Matt Ryan
Teresa Logan
David Ross 
G.R. Lear
Rafer Roberts  
Carl Torres
Michael Cowgill
Matt Dembicki
Jon Poliszuk 
Bizhan Khodabandeh 
Karly Perez and Hobbes Holluck
Gordon Harris
Deborah Orgel Hudson
Ian Parsons


Magic Bullet #15 ... The Cover!

Stoked to be able to show the cover for Magic Bullet #15, by John Kinhart! We're planning to start passing this beauty out at the end of next week, so be on the look out! Check back soon for the full table of contents to this issue and other distribution details.