Magic Bullet #6 in U.S. Library of Congress

Yesterday I made a trip to the U.S. Library of Congress for a small group tour. Here are some photos of Magic Bullet #6 with other noted materials in the permanent collection, such as Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance of Spider-Man).

Thanks to the librarians who being so welcoming and education us on how the materials are preserved and showing us tons of original art.

In addition to Magic Bullet #6 being included in the permanent collection at the U.S. Library of Congress, you can pick up a free copy at the many locations listed at the bottom right column of this page. You'll be able to find more around town as our distributors make drop offs at more venues. Magic Bullet #6 has only been out for a week and is already making big waves!

Here's S. G. Artley taking a photo of his color center spread in Magic Bullet #6. (Photo by Barbara Dale)

Thanks to all who contributed,


Magic Bullet #6 Hitting the Streets

Magic Bullet #6 (Washington, D.C.'s free comics newspaper, published by D.C. Conspiracy) went to print last Tuesday. Big thanks to Joe Carabeo who picked up all 5,000 direct from the printer in Maryland last Wednesday.

Joe commented, "who needs to be able to see behind them when they drive?" As you can see, the vehicle was loaded with bullets, Magic Bullet that is.

Currently the newspaper has been distributed with good coverage in Virginia. There will be more locations to come. I plan on meeting up with a bunch of folks at Asbury Park Comic Con in New Jersey (March 30) and they will help distribute at MoCCA Arts Festival in New York (April 6-7) and at more locations up north. A handful of Magic Bullet #6 contributors will be attending SPACE in Columbus, Ohio (April 13-14) and they plan to bring the issue there.

Don't forget, on Free Comic Book Day (May 4) we will be scattered at nine different locations in three states, plus the District of Columbia. This will be our big day everyone attending the event can meet in-person.

You can see the complete listing of where you can pick up a free issue of Magic Bullet #6 at the bottom right column of this page.

We are urging people to send photos or Instagram images of Magic Bullet #6 found in its natural habitat. Here are a few examples:

Our contributors will be hitting the streets hard to make it more widely distributed. If you are a shop owner or venue and want Magic Bullet #6 in your store, please reach out to us. It doesn't cost a thing to help distribute Magic Bullet #6.



Magic Bullet #6 Cover and Contributor List

I am pleased to present to you the cover of Magic Bullet #6. Magic Bullet is Washington, D.C.’s free comics newspaper published by 
D.C. Conspiracy, a comics creators’ collective in the capital region. 

Art Hondros illustrated the cover art and El Jefe Design was tapped to create our new nameplate/masthead. S. G. Artley did the color center spread. The issue is schedule to go to print tomorrow with a run of 5,000 and will be hitting the streets shortly. Be sure to look for it around town and pick up this free publication.

Here are the contributors who made the final cut for print publication in Magic Bullet #6:

Henry and Jacob Warrenfeltz
Jason E. Axtell
Adam McGovern, Diana Leto
Nick Liappis
Rob Anderson, Dafu Yu, E.T. Collman, Paul Allor
Matt Rawson, Derek Scarzella, Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Michael Brace
R.M. Rhodes, Evan Keeling
Rafer Roberts
Arsia Rozegar
Kevin Panetta, Mike Short
Eric Gordon
Matt Dembicki
Dale Rawlings
John Shine
S. G. Artley
Jeff McClelland, Kurt Belcher, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Tom Ziuko
Andrew Cohen
Josh Kramer
Joe Sutliff
M. Jacob Alvarez
Sean Fahey, Ben Passmore, Kel Nuttall
Lauren Silberman
Michael Cowgill
William Brown
Joe Carabeo, Carolyn Belefski

We received many submissions and had to fit advertising along with a budgeted page count. Thank you to all who submitted and we urge you to submit your comics to be considered in future editions.

More information will be released soon about the digital download, which will be available for $0.99.

I plan to bring several bundles with me to Asbury Park Comic Con on March 30. We will also be distributing Magic Bullet to local establishments in DC, MD, and VA (places like book stores, restaurants, theaters, tattoo parlors, record shops, etc.). 
Magic Bullet contributors will be distributing the newspaper for free at many of their convention appearances in 2013.

May 4, 2013 is Free Comic Book Day and Magic Bullet #6 contributors are scheduled to appear at many local comic shops. Be sure to stop by and meet us in-person. Please refer to the graphic above to see who will be appear and the nine locations we'll be at.

I will also be promoting Magic Bullet at Capicons on June 16 (Father's Day) at the Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Department. 

Stay 'tooned for more information about distribution of Magic Bullet #6 as well as details about advertising and comic submission for the next issue. If you are interested in advertising and comic submission guidelines, connecting with us, or attending our meetings, visit magicbulletcomics.com for information.

It has been a pleasure editing this edition of Magic Bullet. I hope you get the opportunity to find it and enjoy reading it. May the hunt begin!

Your Pal,

Carolyn Belefski