Magic Bullet 13 NEW DEADLINE, JULY 24, 2016

Hey Everyone - I just a quick heads up that, due to travel schedules on our end things, we've pushed back Magic Bullet 13's deadline to JULY 24, 2016. So, all comics and advertising have an extra ten day or so. This should make it easier on our end, and hopefully give you all the chance to make the best comic that you can. Again, new deadline for everything is JULY 24, 2016. Thanks, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Magic Bullet #13

The deadline for submitting comics to MAGIC BULLET 13 will be JULY 14, 2016. Please click on the "submit your comic" link for information about specs and submission details. Also, if are interested in purchasing an ad, please click on "how to advertise" for all the pertinent information about that. Either way, we hope to see your comics!


Magic Bullet 12

Magic Bullet 12 is hitting the streets! We've already placed copies in some 30 different establishments, with many more on the way. Big Planet Comics and Fantom Comics are your sturdiest sources, but we're proud and pleased to also be in coffee shops, record shops, book stores, tattoo studios, skate shops, vintage shops, and anywhere else where we can set down a stack. Below is a list of the current locations, with more to be added along the way. Also check out the sidebars for additional places where you may be able to find a copy.


Magic Bullet 11

MAGIC BULLET #11 is officially out and on the streets! Here is the cover; photos of the bundles being loaded into the cars at the printers; and the official self-portraits taken outside the comic shops, as photographic proof that distribution has begun. Look for it in comic shops, as well as coffee shops, record stores, book stores, and other cool places around town. We'll begin posting a list of such places on this site, but you can also see pics of the ongoing distribution on our twitter feed @magicbulletdc. Big thanks to all the artists who made great comics; our advertisers; and all the stores that let us plop down copies.


Taking it to the streets!

Folks, Magic Bullet #10 is starting to spread across the area! Get your FREE copy at the locations below. We'll be posting more this week as we hit more of your favorite places!

Beyond Comics (Frederick)
Big Planet Comics (Vienna)
Game On! Comics (Vienna) 
Laughing Ogre Comics (Fairfax)
Fairfax Record & Tape Exchange
Mobius Records in Fairfax (it's in the photo)
Fairfax Surf Shop
Buffalo Wing University (Fairfax)
George Mason Aquatic and Fitness Center


Magic Bullet #10 Deadline

Hi, Everyone! The deadline for the next issue of Magic Bullet is JANUARY 9, 2015. This an open theme issue, so anything goes, subject-wise.

 Please look over the guidelines and specs here: http://magicbulletcomics.blogspot.com/p/submissions.html

Please also email your intention to submit to magicbulletcomics@gmail.com. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Looking forward to your comics!


Signing at Fantom Comics in Dupont Circle

Fantom Comics is re-opening at it's new larger location on Dupont Circle (2010 P Street, NW, Washington, DC). Join local comics creators from 1 to 4 PM for the grand opening party is this Saturday, July 26.

If you stop by, you'll be able to pick up your free issue of Magic Bullet #9. Hope to see you tomorrow!